Traffic is the Most Common Cause of Death for People between 15 and 29!

About 14 000 people die on South African roads every year. Of these 14 000, approximately 40 % are pedestrians, out of which nearly 65 % die at night. A staggering 85 %, i.e. 3 000, of the pedestrians that die at night can be saved!

Statistics indicate that even though there are less people moving in traffic at night, 65 % of all fatal pedestrian accidents happen at night. The risk of a pedestrian being hit by a vehicle is increased 1 100 % during the hours of dusk, dawn and night. Though, the risk of being hit in traffic is reduced by 85 % if the pedestrian is wearing a safety reflector. Under normal dark conditions a pedestrian walking on the side of a road is visible to a car from a distance of 10 to 60 meters. However, if a pedestrian is wearing a safety reflector he or she would be visible from a distance of 120 to 160 meters.

Looking at countries where the usage of safety reflectors is widespread among pedestrians, the night time injury and death rate is as low as 30 %, as reflectors help make them more visible in the dark. Safety refectory may be the most effective and cheapest life insurance a person can get, yet most people in South Africa do not know what a safety reflector is. See and Be Seen aim to spread the knowledge and use of safety reflectors as we believe that the injury and fatal numbers in road accidents in South Africa can be drastically reduced if people wore safety reflectors when moving in traffic.

More over, making sure people wear safety reflectors will not only save the lives of the pedestrians, but it also save a driver form, not only the emotional pain, the inconvenience and danger of hitting a pedestrian, but also from criminal charges. If a driver kills a pedestrian at night the driver may be charged for Culpable Homicide, this is despite the fact that 8 of 10 drivers never even saw the pedestrian.