BEE points and Tax deduction!

Earn valuable BEE points under the ‘Socio-Economic Development’ category when donating money or purchase safety reflectors from See and Be Seen.  The Broad-Based BEE legislation is an encouragement for all businesses, big as small to be a part of the transformation process in South Africa.

If your company has an annual turnover of less than R 5 million you automatically qualify as level 4BEE compliant. Though you can still choose to complete a scorecard as a gesture of goodwill or to gain an even higher level of BEE compliant.

If your company has annual turnover of between R 5m and R 35m  you are classified as a Qualifying Small Enterprise.  A Qualifying Small Enterprise can earn up to 25 points by donating money or buying safety reflectors from See and be Seen, this is because our beneficiaries are previously disadvantaged people, thus See and Be Seen qualifies under the new Broad Based Economic Employment (BBBEE) guidelines and can help you earn valuable points.

When Donating to See and Be Seen you accomplish exactly what the new legislation aims to address, namely empowering the previously disadvantaged people, enabling them to learn essential skills that will bring them a safer and happier life!

See and Be Seen will issue you with a letter that verifies that we are compliant with the new  The Broad-Based BEE legislation, as well as a receipt of your donation or purchase for you to submit in order to receive points. We will further provide you with documentation showing our NPO status, thus your donations are tax deductible!

Thus By donating to See and Be Seen you can earn BEE points, your “donation” is tax deductible and you can get cool marketing/ promotional gifts all in one!

 The scorecard has 7 categories

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Qualifying Small Enterprise Score Card (QSE)

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Generic Scorecard for Companies with a turnover of more than R35 million

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