Why should you sponsor us?


  1. An opportunity to make South Africa’s Roads a safer place for all
  2. Via your assistance we can donate safety reflectors which save your friends, family, staffs or their childrens’ lives at night.
  3. Tax deductible donations – Your donations are tax-deductible as See and Be Seen is a registered NPO.
  4. Valuable BEE points for your business- See and Be Seen is compliant with the new Broad Based Economic Employment (BBBEE) guidelines, thus when donating money to the organisation your company can earn BEE points.
  5. Exposure on the See and Be Seen website
  6. Exposure on the See and Be Seen Facebook page
  7. Exposure at any event hosted by the organisation.
  8. Safety reflectors which are, different and meaningful promotional gifts with your company’s logo.
  9.  An opportunity to show that your company cares about South Africa’s future by making the South African roads a safer place for all.
  10. Interaction with the people / schools you are giving to through pictures and video clips to bring the message home.
  11. The possibility to have an active role in the handing out of the reflectors.

Here is Why Our Current Sponsors Decided to Help; 

lifelite - sponsor logo - Star-for-life-1024x792

After discussing our safety reflectors with the founder, Dan Olofsson, he realised that he could help the  children at his sponsored schools not only to avoid contracting HIV but also to stay safe on the road, and thereby overcome yet another obstacle in life. he purchased 20,000 reflectors to give out to pupils across his network of sponsored schools! Now the children at his schools wear safety reflectors to go to school and out of school hours!

lifelite - sponsor logo - Volvo

Volvo Truck’s MD thought that our safety reflectors was such a good idea he purchased 1,000 to be given out to staff to keep them safe on the roads and make sure that volvo trucks can keep their commitment of zero deaths in traffic amongst their staff. We are looking forward to a continuous cooperation with Volvo.

Renault Trucks simplified logo (wb)

when Renault Trucks heard about volvos investment in their staff they decided they also wanted to be a part of making South Africa’s roads a safer place for all and bought safety reflectors for their staff.


City Print thought that See and Be Seen was such a good initiative that they decided to help the organisation with hours of free work on design, information brochures, and discounted printing costs.